Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 3 in Aussie Land

Today was beach day number one for me! I took it upon myself to be adventurous and catch the bus alone. First, I woke up and attempted to make an omelet. It didn't go so well. After my mediocre meal, I headed to campus to take a tour around the area and buy my tickets for the zoo. The campus is not very large, but has great architectural detail and is very modern. After my tour, I went to catch the bus for my beach adventure.  I met a nice bus driver who told me all about Australia and his visits to the States. He was quite friendly, which is no surprise, and he bragged about his traveling daughter who works in marketing. He was so helpful! The further we traveled, I slowly began to gain more confidence in my bus riding abilities. On the bus ride to the beach we began to go downhill and from a distance I could see all the homes along the coast. This view was a reality check that I was indeed on an actual island! I finally arrived at my destination. The sand on the beach was white and soft, and in the distance I could see large mountains along the coast. It was absolutely amazing. After setting up camp, I took a stroll out into the water. It was cold, but once I dove into the water, I got used to the temperature. As I began swimming I noticed that the deeper I went, the more the current pulled me further into the ocean. I found myself struggling to get back to shore. This was both scary and exciting for me because it took every bone in my body to not get sucked deep into the Australian water. After that experience, I decided to rest a bit before I attempted to wrestle the water again. Rain clouds began to form and it started to drizzle, so I decided to head back. As I proceeded to pack up, a New Zealander attempted to put the moves on me. It didn't go so well for him because I could barely understand his accent. I caught the 2:30 p.m. bus and walked back to my room and greeted by my new roommate! A Canadian girl named Kim who was very sweet. After we chatted a bit, we went by the pool and met more Australians who ended up inviting us to the beach tomorrow morning and a small party tonight. The party was great! I noticed how the Australian residents were so amused by us foreigners. Everyone sat around outside, huddled in a circle, drinking Australian beer, and listening to techno music. It was a very social yet chill atmosphere. The Aussies proceeded to tell us about the many deadly animals in Australia, and how a kangaroo would probably kick us to death if we got too close. I also learned some Australian slang. For example, “Skull” is used when someone is forced to drink liquor abnormally fast. Sort of like when Americans scream, “Chug! Chug! Chug!” I also learned that a “Sloppy Joe” is a person wearing a baggy hooded sweatshirt. A university is referred to as “Uni". A shopping cart is called a “Trolley” and that smoking pot seems to be a global past time, go figure.  My roomie and I ended the night after she was asked to jump in the pool, which she so bravely, and I must say gracefully, did. I feel so much love from these Australians, and I must say the kindness is quite refreshing. Until next time my loves!

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  1. Love it beautiful girl! Makes me happy to know you're having such a good time!